8-week Bible Studies

Why not do an Eight Week one-on-one Bible Study?

Do you want to learn more about what it means to be a Christian and what God expects from us as we live out the life He has called us to? Then begin a one-on-one study that talks about trusting Jesus to be saved, eternal life, what God expects, prayer, the Bible, sharing your faith, giving, the church and more. You do the study at home and then meet for an hour once a week with a mature Christian to discuss the study and answer any questions you have. To get started and take a next step in your spiritual journey contact Pastor Steve at 778-8822 with questions or sign-up by clicking on the logo.  Open to anyone who wants to grow spiritually!

                   English                                                                                                                          Spanish

Week 1 – What happened to me?                                                                      Semana 1 – QUé ME PASó a Mi ?                                                    

Week 2 – Learning to Walk with God                                                                Semana 2 – Aprendiendo A Caminar Con Dios

Week 3 – God’s Word to Me                                                                              Semana 3 – La Palabra De Dios Para Mi

Week 4 – Talking with God                                                                               Semana 4 – Hablando Con Dios

Week 5 – God and Possessions                                                                       Semana 5 – Dios y las Posesiones

Week 6 – Speaking for God                                                                              Semana 6 – Comunicando el Evangelio

Week 7 – Controlled by God’s Spirit                                                                 Semana 7 – Controlado por el Espíritu de Dios

Week 8 – Uniting for God                                                                                 Semana 8 – Uniéndonos por Dios