God is On the Move at UVCC!

God is using the people of Upper Valley Community Church to significantly impact our area and the world for Christ.  This mission-focused report shows how your giving has helped to advance the Kingdom of God. Our church accounting year is May 1 to April 30.

Total spent on our mission from May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017: $947,324   ($80,000 land payment being held until October)

Total received for our mission from May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017: $1,000,528

Note: In arriving at the total cost of each ministry area for our church, we included the percentage of the facilities they use, utility expenses, staff employment costs and program expenses.  We also included general church expenses according to building use. 

 WORSHIP:  $268,710

  • Each Sunday there were meaningful, life-changing worship services.
  • A record 28 people were baptized, testifying that by God’s grace they are new creations.
  • Many adults received Christ as their Savior– we estimate at a minimum 90 people gave their life to Christ.
  • Numerous people shared their “God Stories” about how God has changed their lives and their families.
  • Average weekly worship attendance here at our physical campus increased to 681 people and another 35 people attended UVCC through the icampus & Facebook Live each week for a record attendance of 716.
  • Our East Venue continues to grow with an average of 60 people attending every Sunday
  • 16 children were dedicated to the Lord as an act of worship by parents committing to raise their children God’s way.
  • Many people shared how UVCC’s services have helped them on their spiritual journey.
  • At least 62 people were part of the prayer team that regularly prayed for urgent needs sent out on the prayer chain. Others prayed for special events like the Honduras Mission trip, during our two weekly worship services and 135 people prayed one month for the pastors.
  • Our worship services are recorded each week and at least 25 people watch prior week’s sermons online. In addition, the broadcast is available in thousands of homes through local cable TV.
  • Our church served many families through weddings, funerals and other life events.


CHILDREN:  $154,176 

  • UVCC cares about families! Our goal is to partner with parents as they raise their kids to know God.  Our age-appropriate and relevant ministries, events, and resources all aim to celebrate what God can do through the family!
  • 317 children worshipped with their friends in the nursery, preschool, and elementary ministries on Sunday mornings.
  • Over 120 ministry partners serve either on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis on Sundays.
  • Adventureland Wednesdays averaged about 55 kids on a weekly basis, exploring…Bible basics, serving others, salvation, baptism, communion, and more.
  • Kids served their community by Creating Valentines for Project Believe who gave 14,000 Valentines to local orphans; by making fleece blankets for the Upper Valley Medical Center Cancer Center patients, and by providing We Love Birthday Parties of Troy with a huge box of candy, presents, and party supplies for local kids whose birthdays would otherwise be forgotten!
  • Four kids were baptized, telling the world they are on God’s team!
  • Vacation Bible Adventure in July averaged over 218 kids. Over 351 kids attended at least one night of VBA.
  • 75 or more children prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior at VBA!
  • Over 2000 people attended 2016 Easter “Egg”stravaganza, heard the Easter story, and some families have started attending church.
  • Over 200 adults and teens served as part of the VBA ministry team and another 180 served at the Easter Eggstravaganza
  • 29 children attended church camps, learning scriptures and growing in the Lord.
  • $4,524.51 was given at VBA to purchase a tractor that will pull trailers in Cuba to transport people to church!


YOUTH:  $125,070

  • The mission of the youth ministry at UVCC is to help families and their teenagers LOVE, GROW, SERVE, and GO.
  • Over the past year, 15 teens made first-time commitments to follow Jesus Christ.
  • 11 teens were discipled through a teen version of the 8-week one-on-one Bible study.
  • 11 teens took a next step of being baptized, testifying to God’s transformation in their lives.
  • Every Sunday an average of 60 teens attend Ignite or Club 56.
  • Each week, the youth of UVCC gather to grow on Sundays and Wednesdays in 12 different small groups.
  • Wednesday nights, 35 Jr High students, adults, and high school leaders grow spiritually at the 68 Gathering
  • Young lives were changed at special youth retreats such as C4 Camp (54 youth), Fall Retreat (46), and Converge (64).
  • 110 teens attended the UVCC Youth Ministry Lock-In and some of those teens have now started attending UVCC.
  • The youth of UVCC distributed food to over 700 families in need throughout the year.
  • Over 50 different adults from UVCC served in ministry with the teens through youth services, ministries, and retreats.
  • 6 adults mentored at-risk 5th-8th graders in Piqua Public Schools.
  • Many of UVCC’s teens regularly serve in the various ministries of the church.


DISCIPLESHIP:  $170,097 

  • A record 60 people completed the 8-week basic Bible study to grow in their faith.
  • An average of 205 people did “life together” in 23 different Life Groups and grew in Christ through His Word and community – 73 people were new to LifeGroups this year.
  • 61 LifeGroup leaders and their groups engaged in leadership and care of the community in seeing transformed lives.
  • 50 women regularly attended the Ladies Bible study to grow in God’s Word.
  • Sixteen children were dedicated to Christ by their families after completing a two-week Bible study.
  • 23 people were received as members after attending a membership class and demonstrating their commitment to living out the membership commitments.
  • Mercy Street, a night of God-Stories and fellowship for women drew in 260 ladies at Christmas; many at UVCC for the first time.
  • 5 short-term connecting groups were offered.
  • MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) averaged 38 moms per session with 70 Moms coming to MOPS at least once during the season. Some of those families now attend UVCC.
  • Numerous persons received one-on-one biblical counseling/discipleship and encouragement.
  • Two people prepared to preach, teach and otherwise serve in the local church through the Mount Vernon Nazarene University ministry training now being offered here.


MISSIONS:  $229,271 

  • UVCC provided $26,392 this year to the Honduras Project, finishing the Pastoral Training Center in LaCeiba, Honduras and almost completing construction of a new church building in Saba. In addition, funds were given to begin the work at 3 other locations. We sent a team of 25 people in the summer of 2016 to help with those projects.
  • We joined with our denomination to do missions on a much larger scale than we could alone, giving over $38,837 to help support Nazarene missions in 162 world areas working with 700 missionary leaders!
  • $5,000 was given to help start a new UVCC campus in the Bellefontaine area to reach even more people for Christ.
  • We gave over $16,518 to support Christian education through Mount Vernon Nazarene University.
  • We joined 58 other Nazarene churches and campuses in our area to reach people with the gospel in Northwest Ohio. Our contribution to this effort was $44,762.
  • Volunteers from UVCC serve locally at Piqua Compassion Network, Compassionate Care in Sidney, The Bethany Center, Health Partners, Target Dayton, a transitional housing unit and many other ministries.
  • $2,400 was given to directly support the work of Piqua Compassion Network in our local area.

Thank you for your faithfulness!  We strive to use the money you give to God’s work in the most effective manner possible to extend the Kingdom of God and to bring people into a life-changing walk with God.  Our treasurer Kathy Bushnell and our financial recording secretary Christa Black maintain accurate accounting books which are audited each year.