God is On the Move at UVCC!

I want to share with you what our next steps are as a congregation. These steps are connected to a vison God has given us to multiply who we are here at UVCC so that thousands more people come to Christ through UVCC. These steps are going to take a lot of courage and sacrifice but we are trusting God to provide all we need.

The most effective way to reach people for Christ is creating new venues or launching new campuses and we believe God is calling UVCC to be 5 campuses in 10 years. We’ve already seen significant growth through the newly launched iCampus (50 last month) and the East Venue (68 last month) even as we continue to reach lots of new people in the West Venue.  Last week was the first preview (test) service of a new venue at the Backforty Campground in Rushsylvania with 10 people.

First, we need to take steps at our current Piqua campus to make more room for all the new people who are coming and those we believe God is going to send us (overall our church grew by another 55 people last year and we’ve had over 500 first-time guests this year already). Our most urgent need is parking, so we have started work to provide 80 additional parking spaces on the south side of the Children’s building, partly on the newly acquired 20 acres. The plan is to have the parking lot completed by this fall or next spring at the latest.  We also need more building space as we continue to grow – more children’s space, more teen space, more LifeGroup space.

We plan to meet this need by building a new Teen & East Venue building in the next 2-3 years. This multi-purpose space will also give us increased gathering spaces for LifeGroups and free up the current gym space so we can move the older children into that area – space we plan to renovate for their needs.

In addition, we previously shared that we feel God leading us to launch a new off-site campus in the Troy area. This campus, led by Pastor’s Mark & Jessica will use the same teaching series, children’s ministry, similar music and LifeGroups that have helped us reach so many people here, but in a location central to the new people God is calling us to touch. As of this date, we are still working on the right location/meeting space and have sensed God is calling us more into the Troy area and surrounding areas. We have decided to reset the launch date once we find and can contract a meeting space big enough for a launch as large as possible (stay tuned and pray that God will continue to lead us and that we stay sensitive to His leading)!

This fall we will begin a 3-year resource initiative called On the Move to raise the needed funds to take all these necessary steps. You’ll hear more about that in the coming weeks.

It’s an exciting time to be at UVCC.

God really is ON the Move and we are so blessed to be part of it!

Pastor Andy